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  • Activity Calendar: 2017-18

    (Primary School)
    Month Activity
    May Transcription I, II, English Writing Activity III- V
    July Board Activity
    Hindi Writing Activity I- V
    August Investiture Ceremony, Foundation Day, Independence Day Celebration, Raksha Bandhan Celebration
    September Computer Application I –V, Hindi Elocution I – V
    October Art & Craft Competition I – V, Fancy dress I- II
    November Children’s Day, English Group Elocution
    December Annual Function
    January Republic Day Celebration


    (Middle & Secondary School)
    Month Activity
    May Inter House Board Decoration Activity- VI to XI

    Inter House Hindi Writing Activity- VI to VIII
    Inter House Debate- IX & X
    Guru Purnima Celebration

    August Investiture Ceremony, Foundation Day, Independence Day Celebration, Raksha Bandhan Celebration
    September Teacher's Day Celebration
    Inter House English Activities
    • Recitation VI- VIII
    • Debate IX & X
    October Gandhi Jayanti
    Inter House Computer Application Activity VI- XI
    Inter House Rangoli Making Activity – XI
    Inter House Candle Making Activity VI- VIII
    Diya Decoration VIII- IX
    November Inter House Cricket Match VI- XI
    December Annual Concert/Function
    January Republic Day Celebration
    February Basant Panchami


    List of Holidays - (April 2017 to March 2018) Date Occasion Day No. of Days
    1. 05.04.17 Ram Navmi Wednesday 1
    2. 09.04.17 Mahavir Jayanti Sunday 1
    3. 14.04.17 Good Friday/ Ambedkar Jayanti Friday 1
    4. 10.05.17 Buddha Purnima Wednesday 1
    5. 21.05.17 - 05.07.17

    22.05.17 - 29.06.17
    Summer Break (For Students)

    Summer Break(For Teachers)
    Sunday to Wednesday

    Monday to Thursday

    6. 23.06.17 Last Friday of Ramzan Friday 0
    7. 26.06.17 Id-ul-Fitr (Eid) Tuesday 0
    8. 07.08.17 Raksha Bandhan Monday 1
    9. 14.08.17 Janmashtami Monday 1
    10. 02.09.17 Id-ul-Zuha Saturday 1
    11. 19.09.17 Mahalaya Tuesday 1
    12. 27.09.17 - 30.09.17 Dusshera Wednesday to Saturday 4
    13. 01.10.17 Moharram Sunday 1
    14. 18.10.17 - 20.10.17 Deepawali Wednesday to Friday 3
    15. 21.10.17 Bhaiya Dooj Saturday 1
    16. 04.11.17 Guru Nanak Jayanti Saturday 1
    17. 25.12.17 Christmas Monday 0
    18. 25.12.17- 01.01.18 Winter Break Monday to Monday 8
    19. 15.01.18 Makar Sankranti Monday 1
    20. 16.01.18 Mauni Amavasya Tuesday 1
    21. 22.01.18 Basant Panchami Monday 1
    22. 31.01.18 Maghi Purnima Wednesday 1
    23. 13.02.18 Maha Shivratri Tuesday 1
    24. 01.03.18 - 03.03.18 Holi Thursday to Saturday 3

    79 days for Students including Sunday

    72 days for Teachers including Sunday

  • Sports / Yoga

    1) – Date – 23 Dec to 26 Dec 2015
    Event – Zonal Level Tennis Ball Cricket Championship 2015
    Venue – Fatehpur Stadium (Fatehpur)
    Results – Received Third Place
    Players – Neelesh Vats 8- A, Nikhil 9-A, Tushar 7-A, Prateek 9-B, Prabhash 9-B, Adarsh 6 – A

    2) - Date - 17/01/2016
    Event – Tennis Ball Cricket Trial For Uttar Pradesh Team.
    Venue – Railway Stadium Lucknow.
    Results – Bhaskar Bisht of class 7 A was selected in Uttar Pradesh team of 14 members for the under – 19 Junior National Tennis Ball cricket championship 2016 (Nagpur)
    Teacher Incharge – Harsh (P.T.I) Patanjali Rishikul

    3) – Date - 31/01/16
    Event – 2nd Inter school District Tennis Ball Cricket championship – 2016.
    Venue – Allahabad Degree College Allahabad.
    Results – Patanjali Rishikul Team won the championship.

    Ananya Srivastava of Class 7 – B got Man Of the Match Trophy (Girls).
    Bhaskar Bisht of Class 7 – A got Man Of the Match Trophy (Boys).
    Teacher Incharge – Harsh (P.T.I) Patanjali Rishikul

    4) - Date – 5th Feb to 8th Feb 2016
    Event - National (Under – 19 Junior ) Tennis Ball cricket championship 2016.
    Venue – St.Usurulla School Nagpur Maharastra.
    Results – Bhaskar Bisht Played well and represented Uttar Pradesh Team.
    Uttar Pradesh Team won the National Championship And Bhaskar Bisht was a Significant player of the team.
    Teacher Incharge – Harsh (P.T.I) Patanjali Rishikul. Achievement – Harsh ( P.T.I Patanjali Rishikul) Participated as a Umpire in the National Under -19 Tennis Ball Cricket Championship 2016.

    5) - Date – 14th Feb 2016 to 16 Feb 2016.
    Event – Indo Bhutan T-20 Tennis Ball Cricket Match Series 2016.
    Venue – Bhutan Gate (Bhutan)
    Results & Achievements - Harsh ( P.T.I Patanjali Rishikul) Represented India Team as a player and won the series by 2-1.

    6) - Date – 15 March 2016
    Event – “KRIDA SHRI AWARD”
    Achievement – Harsh ( P.T.I Patanjali Rishikul) recieved “Krida Shri Award” At Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium by deputy Regional Sports Officer.

  • Laboratories

    Science Labs
    • Well ventilated, Hi Tech Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs for practicals.
    • Fully air conditioned Computer Lab with Internet facility.
  • Achievements

  • Counseling

    It is true that complications and problems are inevitable in human life but we all acknowledge the fact that great disasters also hurt less if we have someone to support us. If we feel emotionally tired and helpless, we must seek counseling from someone we trust. Sharing our problems does reduce the pain but if the issue is way too complicated then we must seek an expert advice from a counselor.

    Counselling also helps one improve the skill of decision making, reduce tension, maintain a better self-esteem, confidence and feel more positive and optimistic towards life. Most people assume that childhood is a happy time but they may dismiss the fact that many children today face several stressors at home, school and with peers. They may have emotional, learning and behavioral problems. At a time when their minds are growing and they are forming impressions of how the world is, it is very important to work on such stressors in order to prevent the formation of long standing emotional and behavioral difficulties.

    Adolescence is the age when many children often make wrong decisions due to lack of guidance. They need to listen and guide them without judging or punishing them, and then they can actually be more frank and focus on good things. Now schools have started keeping a position of counselor who can deal with children who require counseling. This is quite an important step because the children are the future of the country and if something is holding them back then they do need expert advice to break free and live a fully cherished childhood.

    Dr. Barkha Agrawal
    (M.A, Net, D.Phil., D.B.A)

  • Assembly Programme 2017-2018

    Ambedkar Jayanti May Day(Labour Day)
    Foundation Day Guru Purnima
    Raksha Bandhan Janmashtami
    Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Jayanti Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti
    Dussehra Valmiki Jayanti
    Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel Jayanti Deepawali
    Nehru Jayanti ( Bal Divas) Guru Nanak Jayanti
    Founder's Day Christmas Day
    Basant Panchami Holi
  • Library

    S.N.Type of Books Total No. of Books
    1. General Collection 3209
    2. Text Books 1273
    3. Story Books(English) 2761
    4. Story Books(Hindi) 318
    5. Spiritual Books 92
    6. Biographies 233
    7. Books on Yoga /Health 33
    8. Reference Books 471
      Total Books 8390
    Library Library Library  
  • Seminars & Workshops Session: 2015-16

    The school takes special care to train the mentors and facilitators to ensure that they give quality education to students.

    S.N. Date Subject/TopicResource Person Teachers Who Attended
    1. 03-01-2015 Motivational Workshop
    Organized By
    Oxford Univ. Press
    Mr. Jose Paul All the teachers of Patanjali Rishikul
    2. 01-07-2015 Workshop on Science For Science Teachers
    Venue: Ganga Gurukulam
    Dr. CHAMPA BANERJEE, Rtd. HM,Springdales Sch., Jaipur Science teachers of Patanjali Rishikul
    3. 02-07-2015 Workshop : HCL Smart different modules of HCL software & Class Training programme
    Venue: Patanjali Rishikul
    MR. ANAND MISHRA Co-ordinator, HCL Smart Class All the teachers of Patanjali Rishikul
    4. 10-07-2015 Seminar by Caring Souls Foundation
    Venue: Patanjali Rishikul
    Mr. D.K.Bajpai, Member of Caring Souls Foundation All the teachers of Patanjali Rishikul
    5. 24-07-2015 Workshop: 23rd NCSC- Regional Teacher’s Training Workshop.
    Venue: Allahabad Museum,
    Mr. O.P.Mishra HOD. Geog. Deptt (A.U.) Mrs. Megha Singh Ms. Sonia Safir
    6. 12-08-2015 SCIENCE( Physics Workshop)
    BY- National Academy of Science India (NASI)
    Venue: NASI campus, Katara, Alld.
    Mr. Anuraag Pandey, Joint Sec. & Mr. Amit Kr. Bajpai of Shiksha Sopan, IIT- Kanpur. Science teachers of Patanjali Rishikul
    7. 29-08-2015 Seminar by Chinmaya Mission
    Venue: Patanjali Rishikul
    Swamini Supriyananda , Member of Chinmaya Mission All the teachers of Patanjali Rishikul
    Venue: Hotel Milan Palace, Allahabad.
    Mrs. Preeti Mishra, Co-ordinator, Next Education. Mrs. Sushweta Chakravorty Ms. Nupur Kochhar
    9. 21-09-2015 WORKSHOP on ‘Cyber Crime’
    Venue: Hotel Kanha Shyam, Allahabad.
    Mr. Rakshit Tandon, Adv. & Speaker , IAMAI, Cyber Crime. Mrs. M.Datt (Principal) Ms. Anjali Srivastava Ms. Ratna Singh Ms. Neha Tiwari
    10. 29-09-2015 ASL-Workshop
    Venue: Shree Mahaprabhu Public School, Shivkuti, Allahabad
    Mr. V.K.Mishra, Principal, Sunbeam School, Varanasi Ms. Nupur Kochhar Ms. Sonia Safir
    11. 09-10-2015 English Workshop
    Conducted By ‘Cordova Publication’
    Venue: PR Campus
      All the teachers of Patanjali Rishikul
    Venue: Patanjali Rishikul
    Mr. Ravi Nanda, (Co-founder at Kips Pub. World) All the teachers of Patanjali Rishikul
    13. 16 -10-2015 WORKSHOP by Next Education SMART CLASS
    Mr. TAPAS SOM, National Head, Maths & Physics books & Labs. & ASM, Alld -Mr. Nivedit Rai Mkt. by – Mr. Manish Srivastava All the teachers of Patanjali Rishikul
    14. 17 -10-2015 Teaching of Maths Workshop by Next Education
    Mr. TAPAS SOM, National Head, Maths & Physics books & Labs. & Mr. Sameer Bora, Head, Next Education All Science & Maths teachers of Patanjali Rishikul
    15. 04-11-2015 WORKSHOP for Hindi-Tools of Interactive Hindi Classes By Friends Publication
    Venue: Hotel Milan Place
    Dr.Surendra Vikram, Astt. Prof. Hindi, Lucknow Christian College Mrs. M.Datt (Principal) Ms. Anjali Srivastava Mrs. Archana Trivedi Mrs. Ragini Singh Mrs. Urmila Shukla
    16. 05-11-2015 The Oxford University Workshop for demo of Oxford Press Question generator software and e-book of Oxford computer books.
    Venue: MPVM, Allahabad
    Mr Sandeep Sharma, Faculty Trainer, Oxford University Press Mrs .Pooja Singh, Mrs Puja Seth
    17. 19-12-2015 Orient Black Swan Pub. Topic- English teaching language skill, Venue: MPVM, Allahabad Mrs. Smitha Matai Mrs. Chandini Verma Ms. Sonia Safir
    18. 22-12-2015 Scholastic Pub. Pvt. Ltd. Jaishree Sethi Ms. Nupur Kochhar Mrs. Meena Srivastava


    Seminars & Workshops for Principal & Teachers Session: 2015-2016

    S.N. Date Subject/TopicResource Person Teachers Who Attended
    1. 3.12.2015 & 4.12.2015 International Conference of School Principals CBSE- Principals’ Forum Attended by – Mrs. M.Datt
    2. 08-12-2015 Training of Mentors for CCE was organized by CBSE at Jagat Taran Ms. Kaveri Adhikari Principal, Tagore Public School Mrs. Monika Datt
    3. 14.12.2015 Contemporary Challenges in Education   A paper was read on ‘Managing Education in the age of Information and Technology’ By Mrs. M Datt
    4. 22.12.2015 Next Education at Kanha Shyam Dr. Dheereaj Mehrotra Mrs. Monika Datt
    5. 12.01.2016 & 13.01.2016 Co-Scholastic Aspects Training of Mentors for CCE was organized by CBSE Vijay Singh Bahadur Branch Manager, SBI MNNIT Branch , Allahabad Mrs. S.K.Khalsa & Mrs. Sumi Vasudeva
    6. 30.01.2016 Finance Management Vijay Singh Bahadur Branch Manager, SBI MNNIT Branch , Allahabad All Teachers
    7. 14.01.2016 Language Development- Phonetic Approach Mrs. Neelam Darira Consultant, Britannica All Teachers