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  • Objectives

    To develop in students-

    • Good habits and basic skills required for personal and social adjustment.
    • Good intellectual and emotional traits.
    • Cooperative and desirable social attitudes.
    • Strong moral character and healthy living.

    And to encourage-

    • Participation in group activities.
    • Aesthetic appreciation of creative activities.
    • Creativity by providing opportunities for self expression.
    • Building sound physique through adequate muscular co-ordination leading to the development of basic motor skills.
  • Mission

    The system of education followed by Patanjali Rishikul shall ignite in the young minds an urge to innovate, a spirit to create, a scientific temper and respect for human values. As each soul is potentially divine the goal is to manifest that divinity within and without.

  • Society

    Patanjali Seva Sansthan came into existence on 5th May 2010, with the following aims and objectives:-

    • To provide comprehensive integral education for the all-round development of the students' personality.
    • To foster courage and conviction for following the righteous path in personal and social life based on universal values.
    • To develop values of good citizenship among students.


  • Principal Message

    Education plays a very significant role in minimizing and elimination of various socio-economic disparities plaguing our society. Access to quality education with equity in opportunity will ensure that every child receives requisite educational acumen to harness his or her innate talents. We at Rishikul are proactive in our curriculum setting and the content of teaching learning material to make it child centric.

    School is a miniature society it is the place where a child learns important values such as cooperation, honesty, integrity and more importantly a mindset of service above self. At Rishikul our constant endeavor is to instill in the child the aforesaid qualities.

    We lay stress on learning by doing method, a number of group activities, exhibition and other co-curricular activities are organized to achieve the goal of holistic learning. Today parents are equal partners in the educational system. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents who have continued to render their support with regular feedback. No institution can progress without a proactive management. Prof. Krishna Gupta, Vice President of Patanjali Group of school has always guided me to become a better administrator and more over a good human being. I also extend my gratitude to Mr. Yashovardhan, Director of Patanjali Rishikul for his constant support. Lastly, my heartfelt gratitude to my team of teachers who always stood by me in thick and thin.

  • Vision

    To provide comprehensive integral education for the all-round development of the student's personality and to explore and guide for the full blossoming of one's potential and talents, helpful in better career planning and realization of cherished goals.