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Children's Day Celebrations(Senior Section)

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Let me love you a little more, before you're not little any more...


Children are valuable assets, future of the country as well as hope of tomorrow. Thus, Children’s day celebration is a right step regarding their bright future. Children's Day, the 14th of November was celebrated in Rishikul on a large scale this year as a grand fiesta, thereby honoring childhood. The birth anniversary of Pt. Nehru, witnessed children participating in activities like singing songs, poem recitation, speeches and dances to remember Chacha Nehru’s great works for the country. 

Students did not wear their regular uniforms to school. Instead, they put on colourful and their best dresses. They were treated with sweets and luxurious delicacies too. Excitement and enjoyment filled the day for the students at school. 

Teachers organized different cultural programs and events for students. Sir Neeraj disguised himself as Chaha Nehru and addressed the secondary students. Dumbsharad and Antakshari were games conducted wherein a team of teachers and students competed against each other. The students were declared victorious and were overjoyed. Sir Varun entertained everyone with his exotic dance performance while Ma'am Sadhana recited a lovely hindi poem for the children.

Director, Sir Gune advised the students to be patriotic and follow the footsteps of Pundit Nehru. He inspired them with deeds of bravery and sacrifice for the sake of their motherland. School Headgirl, Anchal Garg, on behalf of the students delivered the vote of thanks appreciating the efforts of the teachers to make the day, a memorable one.