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Report on Tree Plantation Programme



As per CBSE/DIR. (ACAD)/2018 on the subject : ‘Mission Green Schools’ Tree Plantation programme [Prakriti Mahahotsav]was held in our school on 16th Aug 2018 at 10:30am.  The students of class I- V actively participated in the programme. Our Director Academics, Sir Madhukar Gune, Principal Mrs. Monika Datt, along with Co-ordinator Mrs. Anupama Dwivedi, Teachers, Mrs. Sangeeta Agarwal, Mrs. Noori Hoda and students  planted sapling in our school premises, Patanjali Rishikul.

The students planted various types of plants and gave martyrs’ name to the saplings. 

Slogans like “If you cut a tree, you kill a life. If you save a tree, you save a life. If you plant a tree, you plant a life.” “Pedhon se hai jeevan mein hariyali, inko katoge toh hogi badhali” etc., on protecting the trees were also displayed by the children while the plantation was going on. Teachers explained about the trees and their importance. At the end of the plantation a photo session with Principal, Mrs. Monika Datt, Director Academics, Sir Madhukar Gune, teachers and students was taken up.




Our environment is the greatest gift of Mother Nature to us. A clean environment is an essential part of our healthy and peaceful living. We, the humans, have evolved ourselves in such a way that it has started to possess some serious threat to ‘this greatest gift of ours’. To imagine the consequences of our insensitive attitude is almost impossible.

In order to recreate the positive attitude and values towards preserving our environment, CBSE had proposed ‘Prakriti Mahotsav.’ Our school, Patanjali Rishikul, planted 11 plants in order to promote the sense of belongingness towards nature.

We also pledged to hold responsibilities of these small lives.