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St. Joseph Fest 2017

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Date : 28th 0ctober,2017

Venue: S.J.C auditorium

Timing: 8 am-5 pm

Teachers who went along with the participants: Mrs Jyoti Bhalla,Ms. FarhanaZameer & Mr Harsh Goswami. Junior Josephest 2017 was held at St. Joseph’s College auditorium on 28th Oct,2017. It is the fest of St. Joseph and it is celebrated by Josephites every year with full enthusiasm. Every year they invite different schools to take part in various events.This year 13 schools were invited and among those 13 schools one was our school i.e, Patanjali Rishikul. Three teachers along with 86 students took part in the Josephest.

The theme of fest was “Carpe Diem – seize the day “. The program began by welcoming the chief guest Col. Jose Kurian followed by oath taking ceremony by diferent school captains.

There were some on-stage events as well as some off-stage events and all together there were 11 events and PATANJALI RISHIKUL participated in seven of these events.

-          Group song- a very melodious song “ a chal k tujhe “ was song beautifully by the children

-          Choral recitation – “The charge of the light brigade by Lord Alfred Tennyson was recited marvelously by the students.

-          Students presented a very amusing and magnificent dance on the theme “Five Elements of Earth

-          Students enthusiastically took part in Flower arrangement competition, G.K quiz and Face painting competition

All the events went smoothly and the scenario was pleasant for the audience. At the end of program the Principal of S.J.C Rev FrRolfie D’Souza thanked all the participantschools,appreciated the students,declared the results and distributed the prizes.

The results were as follow-

-Face paintingcompetition - 3rd

- Choral recitation            - 2nd

-Hindi group song            -  2nd

-Spell bee -                     -   1st

And Patanjali Rishikul bagged the 3rd prize among the 13 schools.


The whole event was very colorful,joyous and jubilant and it was indeed a memorable experience for both the teachers and students who participated in it .