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A Skit presented by Class - 4 A on on 29th Sep, 2013 on the topic "Save the tiger"

Science Exbhition Organised by Class - 4 F on 7th Oct, 2013 on the topic
"Animals and their young ones"
Date: 12-07-2014

Patanjali Rishikul an educational institute that believes in training children academically along with excellence in co-curricular activities under the able guidance of the teachers. The gourmet club had organized an activity on 12th July 2014. Classes 1 to 8 participated with zeal and enthusiasm, that could be clearly judged through the innovation and creation showed by the students. The activities organized class wise, as follows-

Class - I & II -Chef cap making with chart paper

Class - III & IV -Identification of spices in the form of game.

Class - V & VI -Napkin folding and its arrangement.

Class - VII & VIII -Arranging dining in the western style.

The objective of this activity was to acquainted the students with table manners and the importance of chef in the cuisine industry. Also to make them aware that serving food, eating in family or in public places is truly an art, The way of presenting the food not only makes it attractive but also increases the appetite. The activity was concluded with the appreciation done by our Director Sir Gune. He applauded the enthusiasm and eagerness of the students to be a part of Gourmet Activity.

The students of standard five presented the activity with the help of matchsticks. Topic was classification of triangles on the basis of sides and on the basis of angles. Children enjoyed doing the activity. Their work was neat and done beautifully with the help of this activity. Children understood the concept of triangles, their classification and their properties.


Date : 9th of August-14 On the occasion of the celebration of Swaraj Week, tricolour badge/broach making activity was held on 9th of August. Children enthusiastically participated in it. They used tricoloured decorative materials like ribbons, wool clay,paper strips and other materials. They made attractive badges actively.

In 11th August, students took out Swaraj Rally with Swaraj slogans and banners. Director Sir and Principal Ma’am also joined the rally. At the end of rally Director Sir gave inspirational speech about the sacrifices and works of the great leaders like Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Children were motivated to hear that Principal Ma’am appreciated the rally, banners and slogans prepared by them.

National Integration - ACTIVITY REPORT CLASS - V
Date : 27th September, 2014

National Integration Week was celebrated with enthusiasm. On 27th September Children prepared banners on chart papers depicting pictorial messages on National Integration, Unity in diversity, ‘We are One’ and many other inspirational messages.

Children also prepared nice write-ups on the topic ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness.’ Even the parents of children also wrote inspirational write-ups for children.

Diwali Celebrations - ACTIVITY REPORT CLASS - V
Date : 21-10-2014

The morn of 21st Oct.’ 14 commenced with an air of gaiety and joyous din in Patanjali Rishikul. Students were excited as they were called upon to convey the message to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali this year.

Headmistress Ma’am M. Datt addressed the gathering and urged everyone to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali and also asked the students to spread awareness among their friends and family to not burn crackers this year.

The side effects of cracker burning were discussed and students were given the message that “Diwali is a festival of lights not sound.”

In the end, the children along with the teachers took a pledge that they’ll not burn crackers this Diwali and also they’ll keep their environmental surroundings neat and clean.

Sir Gune, Director Academics, Patanjali Group of Schools graced the occasion and extended greeting for Diwali to the students and teachers