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Akash House(Space) (YELLOW COLOUR)

AKASH HOUSE(SPACE) (YELLOW COLOUR)Space is one of the five gross elements, of which the universe is created or constituted. It gives the sense of a higher power. With space, it is implied as a 'higher being'. This element is soft, light and abundant. It provides room and openness. Space is the medium of sound but is inaccessible to all other senses. The real job of human life is to go from one space to another. From the level of physical space one is required to travel to the level of thought, contemplation and mediation and then with the practice of the yoga; reach the final space of eternal consciousness. Thus, the space within us expands from the limited physical level to the realm of highest experience of true knowledge. The more we understand and expand the sphere of our inner space, the more we go deep in contemplation and with gradual progress shall reach the highest level of elevated divine awareness.