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Pavak House(Fire) (RED COLOUR)

 PAVAK HOUSE(FIRE) (RED COLOUR)Pavak is one of the most appropriate names of God. It is significant that the first verse in the original Vedic literature begins with the name of God himself. The figure of Pavak is symbolic of God. The essential character of Fire is to generate heat. At the same time it is the sacred sacrificial fire that burns in the Sun, in other burning things, in the body of man. It has consuming and engulfing power as well as the power to purify and to grant salvation to man. Fire or the Sun is the generator for all creation to happen. The early morning Sun can heal many diseases and depression. Witnessing a sacred Fire ceremony can also bring your soul huge blessings and protection. In human body the temperature, jatharagni refers to the fire. It can be heard, felt and seen.