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Anger Management By Bhramachari Ved Chaitanya Ji

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Anger Management By Bhramachari Ved Chaitanya Ji In order to instil positive attitude and manage stress related anger in day-to-day life, an interactive session on ‘Anger Management was organised by Patanjali Rishikul for the students by Bhramachari Ved Chaitanya Ji, Chinmaya International Foundation. The session focussed on guiding students to understand and identify their Reaction and Response. They were told about the number of practical techniques to control their anger. The students were also told different ways of managing anger in a healthy manner.  During the engaging session, the curious young learners learned how to identify anger and its various forms, its causes and consequences, and techniques to create a sense of self-awareness, introspection, and ways to deal with it. As a part of the session, the students got an in-depth learning that we must not expect the things to happen in our way. In life we get what we deserve but not what we desire and we have to work hard for what we desire. The session included a number of life lessons for students. It was important to aware students of the emotional turmoil they experience, and finding constructive ways to use this energy. This is the only time to let students comprehend the importance of ‘ANGER MANAGEMENT’ and how to deal with their emotional turmoil. Students asked a number of questions at the end. The session concluded with a beautiful motivating story on how disability proved to be beneficial.