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Excursion 2023 (Classes 6-10)

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An excursion is an excellent opportunity for students to learn outside of the classroom setting. It provides a chance for them to experience different cultures, explore new places, and gain practical knowledge that they can apply in real-life situations.

Patanjali Rishikul organised an excursion for Classes 6 to 10 to different places like Varanasi, Chitrakoot, Bandhavgarh, Panna Tiger Reserve. 🌿🍃

As many say, excursion is the most fun & amazing time of the week where everyone feels refreshed & energized - which helps students to start the new week with more focused mindset 🧠

There is a line, that sums up this whole experience - "Not all classrooms have four walls" ❤

In the peaceful embrace of nature, students had an amazing time with their friends. A plethora of activities were performed in the night like dance, antakshari, truth and dare etc. Students also enjoyed Pool Party and various sports activities in the hotel.

This whole experience helped students learn the beauty of simplicity and the joy of being together.🌿🍃